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Manufacturing Plant

Finest product requires the best machinery to manufacture the purest form of a micron. At Stark Microns, our mission is to be the part of the consumer and help you to choose the most suitable compound which would allow us to ensure your utmost satisfaction throughout the process. To make a perfect product, it requires to have team of experts in their respective fields which allows us to delivery evenly batches of every products. You can have a look on our manufacturing process which is aided with advance design and engineering to have our custom machinery at every step of building the products.

1. Mining Ores

It all starts with the selection of raw materials from the mining site requires lots of patience and understanding the geology of an area. Keeping this in mind, we train our engineer which allows us to have a regular exploration of the best mining site available in each country. A team of expert has an in-depth knowledge of various techniques which helps us to handpick the best mining location sites.

2. Preprocessing

A quality raw material is transferred to our manufacturing unit which is sorted through our skilled technicians. This process of sorting out the best raw material enables us to reach a certain class of the developed product. Preprocessing helps us to remove unwanted compound from the composition which makes it the most important step through the journey.

3. Product Development

German level precision machinery for preparing accurate compound level in our products are ensured by our expert team. We create a pritine quality to maintain our high standards demanded by the consumer. This is also the core stage of our product development which requires highly qualified experts for maintaining the production line.


Key step to acheive the leadership in global market is to have latest technology in laboratory for maintaining the consisteny for every batch of our product. Lab test generally check Quality of Compounds, its Percentage level, Whiteness, L* A* B* channel values, Consistency for every batches, shrinkage over blasting, plasticity (if required). Ensuring every batches of developed product is perfect, makes our client base satisfied which ultimately helps to build your trust.

5. Packaging

Currently, we export the grits, lumps and powdered form (100, 200, 300 mesh) of the product. Packaging size includes small(50 kg) and large(1 ton). Our packaging style includes Machinery for shrink wrapping, wrapped with plastic for protection and Container packing. For more product detail review, Click on the Product specification tab.

6. Export

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards of our manufactured products. At Stark, We have been known for our pristine quality of the product which makes us one of the finest exporters of the country to lead the industry. We are a globally recognized company for selling the finest quality of Quartz, Feldspar, Bentonite, and Kaolin

7. Research And Development

The company invests a huge amount of resources, aiming to acheive highly innovative ideas which are intended towards building up new and even better product alongside with respecting our environment. Go Green is always our primary mission. To ensure that, our team would always take care that would avoid any kind of harm to the environment. Our research team has been developing a new methodology to understand functioning for each range of our products that undergo for its respective intense testing. Thus, allowing us to bring the best product to the global platform in its purest form.

For more Details:

Phone: +91 98252 92591 (Mr. Arpit)


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Stark Microns LLP

Address: Sr. No. 40P4, 8-A National Highway, B/H Patidar Township, Timbdi Chokdi, Dharampur, Morbi , Rajkot, Gujarat, India,Pin Code: 363642. - (Find Location)

Customer Care:
1) Phone: +91 98252 92591 (Mr. Arpit)
2) Phone: +91 99250 38180 (Mr. Kishor)

Email: stark.micron@gmail.com

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